References from previous couples

Previous bridal couples have experienced an unforgettable day during their wedding day at The College Hotel. Read here how they experienced this day.


‘The College Hotel is truly Amsterdam. It is a beautiful old building, tastefully decorated and you can actually do anything with it. The hotel employees were super sweet and involved, but also professional. Very clever what they have achieved. I give them a nine as a score. We only liked the fact that it is a training hotel. It didn’t have to be perfect from us, as long as it would be nice. And that was it!’

‘The Ballroom is so beautiful with that large chandelier that we hardly had to decorate it. We had put helium balloons at the entrance, decorated the balustrade with tulle and balloons and hung a canvas, where people could take and hang polaroid pictures, that was it. There was a cocktail bar on the loft, which was much appreciated by our guests. The staff was very professional and took care of everything to perfection. We give The College Hotel a good nine for the organization of our special day! ‘ – Merel & Carlo


‘We can not put in words how beautiful our wedding day was with The College Hotel. The ceremony was so special and then we experienced an out of this world reception in your stunning garden. It was absolutely beautiful and we want to thank the whole of your team who worked so hard and we can imagine long hours to make it so special for us and all of our guests’. – Bailee & Alex


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