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Live at the College

Food, drink and live music.

Come and enjoy an intimate and atmospheric concert in our restaurant. This is an evening-filling concept including support program, a welcome drink and bite, a 3-course dinner from our fantastic chef and everything within the guidelines of the RIVM.

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Tekengebied 10

Live DJ

Everyone is ready to play wonderful Caribbean tunes and enjoy the delicious cuisine with dishes such as Lomito Allapparia or Gamba Tempura.

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Now that the world is opening up again, and we are gradually picking up our old lives, we are celebrating this with the exhibition “Living in the Layers” by artist Micky Hoogendijk. Nine photographic works showing different layers, based on portrait photography. Hoogendijk’s work is usually based on an encounter, dream or subject that results in an explosion of ideas. During her travels she met many special and diverse people who inspired her to create a work. Micky searches for the model’s instincts and personality. The making process continues after portrait photography by means of digital painting techniques. Religion, society, androgyny and mythology are recurring themes in her photos with which she wants to make the viewer think. The exhibition can be seen from July 9, 2021 to October 9, 2021 in The College Hotel.